Les perles d’Arbaz
Public space

Parallel study mandate in two rounds
Upgrading of the village of Arbaz

The identity of the villages between the valley and the mountain, taking advantage of the topography, the view and the plateaus, is present in Arbaz. This identity, consisting of an alternation between a mineral front and a back garden, which limits are defined by different typologies of threshold.

Imagining the village of tomorrow involves identifying Arbaz’s intrinsic qualities, enhancing it, connecting it and completing it punctually to ensure continuity. Traffic management is essential to provide a high quality living environment for its residents.
The goal of the project is to focus on what distinguishes Arbaz and to provide continuity of built fabric in its size and implementation. The volumes, their shape and their materiality are part of the existing structure. Functional polarities are created to enable the activation of the entire village.

The new programs complement the current offer and are interconnected. The common denominator is the pedestrian route, which is drawn and articulated through the boundaries between public and private space.

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