Site Hôpital du Valais in Sion

The new Campus Santé building is in a park at the confluence of the orchards of the valley, the hospital park and the green belt of the motorway. The park welcomes and accompanies users and visitors of the building.

The main entrance of the building is located at the intersection of the paths. The spacious entrance hall distributes the floors.  The programs of the health campus are superposed and go from the most public to the most private. The ground floor is public, the first one houses the conference rooms and the secretariat, followed by three teaching floors with public and simulation rooms. Higher, the professor’s offices and the management and finally above, open to the valley, innovation and research.

The heart of the building, ensures synergies and exchanges between the various areas of the campus. Internal links between the different levels provide informal meeting places for users. The collective core allows a progressive vertical distribution between the floors, which facilitates contact between users. The cursives provide informal space and generates an effective climate.

Ritz Summermather
Atelier Grept
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